Antique Automobile Club of America

Celebrating our 57TH Year – 1966 -2023


From The Exhaust Pipe – a publication of the Jersey Cape Region Antique Automobile Club of America.  Originally published April 1991

Jersey Cape Region marks Silver Anniversary

by Ed Davis, Charter JCR Member

On a cold January night with falling snow approaching blizzard proportions, a group of hardy antique automobile enthusiasts gathered at the popular Bala Inn, on the circle in Somers Point. The object of the meeting was to form a Region of the national Antique Automobile Club of America. The date was January 26, 1966, and at the first meeting, the following officers were elected to serve for the first year after the issuance of a Charter by the National Board of Directors; David N. Blyler, Sr. Director, Jonathan F Wallace, Assistant Director, Herbert L Godfrey, Secretary/Treasurer.

The signatures of at least 15 AACA members had to accompany a request for a Charter. We made it, with two names to spare. The following names were on that list submitted to National: Archibald Carlson of OC, Jonathan F. Wallace of Somers Point, Ralph D. Simpson of CMCH, Herbert and Theresa Godfrey of OC, Robert and Harriet Bartlett of Linwood, Ralph T. Buckley of Absecon, David & Rosemarie Blyler of OC, Frank & Anita Springer of CMCH, Frank Springer, Jr. of CMCH, Maurice Evans of CMCH and Ed Davis, then of Pleasantville, Jack and Norma West of OC.

On May 10, 1966, a letter from John J. Lambert, Jr. , Vice President in Charge of Regions AACA, was sent to Dave Blyler.  In the letter Dave was notified that our application for a new Region had been approved by members of the National Board of Directors at Hershey, PA.  Mr. Lambert added that our formal Charter would be sent as soon as it was printed.

During it’s 25 years, the Region has had seventeen Directors (or Presidents).  The very first was Dave Blyler, elected at that first meeting.  He served two years, 1966 and 1967.  In 1968 Ed Davis was elected to the office.  Next came Tom Dixon for 1969, followed by Fred Josephsen in 1970.  In subsequent years, the Region Director became known as the President.  Danny LIttlefield led the Region in 1971, followed by Earl Manley who served two consecutive terms:  1972 and 1973.  John Sacco took over as president for 1974, followed by Craig Deming.  Nineteen seventy-six saw Manley return for another term.  George Mano headed the region in 1977, then Ken Anderson took over the following year.  In 1979, Ed Boyer was the president, then came Ed Donelan who held of the office from two years – 1980 and 1981.  Jim Stapleton was president for two consecutive years: 1982 and 1983, and the same holds true for Bill Schmoll, president in 1984 and 1985.  Joe Ostrowski was elected president for 1986 but was unable to complete his term, whereupon in April 1986, Vice President Helen Staniec, was called upon to fill his unexpired term and became the first woman to head the region.  The first member to serve three consecutive terms in  the top office was Ron Polillo who headed up the region in 1987, 1988 and 1989.  Our current president Glenn Blackman, was elected to the post for 1990 and again in 1991.

To all our Directors and Presidents during the past quarter-century, the  Jersey Cape Region members say “Thanks for a job well-done.” We continue to grow and prosper, thanks to interested, active people who enjoy the old and classic car hobby and the pleasure and satisfaction it holds. Let’s all strive to make the second 25 years even better than the first!

Over 50 years later we are still a strong club filled with car enthusiasts who not only enjoy sharing their vehicles with others but sharing the history of the automobile industry. We have given our time over and over again to raise interest in the car industry to schools and non profits alike. Come join us and help us continue this great history of our club and enjoy great friendships.

Chuck Battersby, President AACA/JCR